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Ecotopia and environmental consciousness

Arzu İbişi Temelli

Ecological utopias help us realize environmental problems and allow us to dream of a different world. Utopian thinkers often describe an ideal society in the context of “environmental consciousness.” Such ecological utopias are based on some of the values that are inherent in nature and offer us a chance to contemplate the relationship between nature and humanity. Ernest Callenbach’s Ecotopia plays a central role in the literature on ecological utopias. Indeed, the novel has given its name to an entire subgenre of utopias: ecotopias. In Ecotopia, Callenbach presents an ecologically structured culture and society wherein the structure is integrated with the natural environment. Therefore, the “better future” and “good life” depicted therein are fictionalized in connection with an ecological–cultural environment. This study aims to evaluate the utopian fiction of Ecotopia from a philosophical perspective. To this end, we examine how the ideal society of this ecological utopia is described through the concepts of space, nature, culture, and environmental consciousness.


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