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From Philosophy of Nature to Geography

Elife Kılıç

As one of the fundamental subjects of philosophy, the concept of nature has been the object of study since ancient times. The subjects of nature, changes in nature, main substances of nature (arkhe), movement, and the study of space have piqued the interest of philosophers for a long time. In particular, ancient Greek philosophers sought to understand the universe not only as thinkers but also as geographers in terms of their orientation to nature. Indeed, the subject of space explored through nature, the Earth, and the universe has led to the formation of the field of geography by quantifying space over time. In other words, the topic of space, as discussed in philosophy, in the context of the philosophy of nature has shifted over time to the field of geography. With the acquisition of space as a question and subject in geography in terms of measuring the world or a part of it, geography has gained an institutional identity, and space has become a subject in a scientific, measurable manner. However, the emergence and development of different theories in philosophy and science have caused and continue to change the concept of geography. In this sense, besides the relationship between human and space, philosophy and geography will always facilitate the exchange of ideas and lead to new developments in both the fields.


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