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New ideas about the neotectonics and geomorphology of the Black Sea west margin

Svetla StankovaTzanko TzankovMilena Stoyanova

The article introduces the results of the author’s investigations about the origin, Quaternary morphotectonic evolution and the modern morphostructure of the Bulgarian Continental Microplate from the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The research was realized on a base of the contemporary Plate tectonics study principia by means of the morphostructural analysis apply (Tzankov, 2013). It was provided the principal relief building role of the regional mosaic pattern and the listric faulting in the Eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula. The Quaternary Earth superficial relief building processes were and are predominantly provoked and controlled by the Upper Mantle - Asthenosphere energy. Its Earth superficial effects are expressed by the relationships between the seismic effects and the regional faulting. The East Balkan Peninsula Area was a part from the Tethys Ocean until 72 000 000 years. The pre Maestrichtian Geologic-Tectonic Pattern of cockle of the East Balkan Peninsula Area wasn’t built on the Europe Continental Massif. The modern East Balkan Peninsula Relief is forming during the Late Quaternary Time. The East Balkan Peninsula Margin coincides with the border between the Bulgarian and Moesian Continental Microplates from the west and the Black Sea Oceanic Microplate to the east. This border presents the Neo Europe West Passive Continental Margin in the area of the last Tethys Oceanic Fragment - it Black Sea Oceanic Gulf.


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