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On politicity of space: The supports of production of space

Murat Ertan Kardeş

The relationship between time and space is undoubtedly one of the most fundamental areas of philosophy. Debating space in different disciplines of human sciences, especially in geography, is a common issue. This paper focuses on the common interests of philosophy and geography. In particular, we emphasize the contexts of Henri Lefebvre’s Production de l’Espace (1974). On the one hand we will discuss the contradictory conceptions between Cartesian tradition and Leibniz. On the other hand, we will emphasize that space cannot be reduced either in place or other epistemological qualities. Thus, according to Lefebvre, an order of space requires above all the space of an order. In this context, to conceive the logic of the production of space, will enable us to understand the politicity of space and its supports.


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