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Regulatory framework of teaching geography and economy in the Bulgarian school in the new curricula

Stella DermendzhievaPetya SabevaTamara Draganova

The educational reform, which is being implemented step-by-step in Bulgaria during the last three school years, is a projection of the vision of the necessity to change at all levels: normative (state educational standards, curricula and school programs, training kits), institutional and didactic-methodical. In particular, a procedural - regulatory framework determines the school geographic education in Bulgaria. The starting point of the study is the situational analysis of the regulated learning of knowledge and the formation of skills and competences in geography and economics’s training. Expected empirical results link sustained traditional models with innovative didactic solutions to school geography training. Essentially, reforming processes determine new educational practices as they create objective conditions for adapted to the modernity geographical training. The situational analysis of the normative documentation regulates the assimilation of knowledges, skills and competences in geography and economics training that is constructed and conformed to the European reference framework of education. Education in the country is a national priority and as such is realized in accordance with the principles of right and access to quality school education, the interest and motivation of the students towards their age and social changes in life but also with the possibility to apply the acquired competencies in practice. The new realities require the preservation and development of the Bulgarian educational tradition, the validation of innovation and efficiency in pedagogical practices and the organization of the educational process on the basis of scientific substantiation and prognosis of the results of the innovations.


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