DOI :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.101   IUP :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.101    Full Text (PDF)

Retrospective analysis of the land cover and the land use changes in the Dragoman Marsh Area Over a period of 50 years (1965-2015) by using remote sensing data and GIS

Stefan Genchev

The Dragoman marsh is a unique example of ecosystem recovery for the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. It is a part of protected area, included in the NATURA2000 ecological network. In this paper, the author will track the dynamics of the change in water body area boundaries over a 50 years period (1965-2015) by using aerial photos, high resolution satellite imagery, large-scale topographic maps, and data under the CORINE LAND COVER project (containing information on land cover and land use on the area of the selected natural site). This article also aims to present some bad practices of the past, which led to significant changes in the condition of the Dragoman marsh. Proper management and restriction of inappropriate human intervention are crucially important for the conservation of important plants and ornithological species inhabiting the place.


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