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The first atlas of district in Turkey: Aliaga geography atlas

İlker EroğluEmre ÖzşahinMehmet Özdeş

This study aimed to promote Turkey’s first county atlas entitled “Aliağa Geography Atlas.” A result of hard work and collaboration, this atlas is an end product of common thoughts and innovation. In the atlas, we focused on Turkey’s Aliağa district—one of the most strategic business districts in the country—and intend to connect geographic information with humans via maps, charts, and photos from the region. Furthermore, this study aims to present information in an easily understandable format for the local communities and visitors. The preparation of the Aliağa Geography Atlas required long-term fieldwork and editing process. During the research, this study determined, photographed, and mapped the natural and human resource values that constitute the district geography. To render the atlas more functional, efficient, and appealing to all segments of society, basic information about the subject is positioned at the beginning of each section. Additionally, maps, figures, and photos are used to support the explanations pertaining to the atlas content. Thus, this study aims to highlight the geographical aspects of Aliağa in detail and hopes that the Aliağa Geography Atlas will bring love and environmental awareness to all readers. This atlas can serve as a guide and a reference for various districts and administrative regions in Turkey.


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