DOI :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.106   IUP :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.106    Full Text (PDF)

The geomorphological features of the western part of Istanbul province and the investigation of the Canal Istanbul route in the CBS

Timuçin ŞensuTopçu Ahmet Ertek

In this study; geomorphological appearance, internal and external factors and processes shaping the topography were tried to be explained in the geologically young and tectonically active area in west of Istanbul. As an ancient settlement, the effects of human factors as in previous periods were also tried to be shown. It was tried to show the changes that may occur on topography in relation to the recently planned Canal Istanbul. For this purpose, longterm observations of DMI, Agricultural Reform General Directorate’s soil, land use capability classification numerical data, current values of DSI, orthophoto digitized 2 m Intermittent DEM data for 2014 by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and ArcGIS Desktop10.4 were used as the main sources. The maps and graphics obtained from these tools were interpreted. Geomorphology, climate, hydrographic, soil and land use characteristics were revealed. It was tried to show the changes that will be on these features of the planned Canal Istanbul Project. The affects for project route passing through the 62.7% of agricultural areas, 18.6% of the water bodies and 36.43% of medium and 29.4% of severe erosion areas, were discussed. The project focused on the need for new and comprehensive planning of the anthropogenic landforms to be affected by the earthquake and tsunami.


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