2nd International Symposium Communication in the Millennium

A Dialogue Between Turkish and American Scholars
DOI :10.26650/APB/SS7.2023.205   

We are all members of a fast and busy world. As if, there are more events and changes in the bounds and limits of the time than in the past. Before we clean up yesterda/s remains; the developments tum into real issues. The world is on one side affected by natural disasters; on the other side, it has been obîiged to struggle against the disasters caused by human beings. Conflicts and agreements with different dimensions and depths keep all the minds busy. Individual and social concerns may be not showing themselves at the same level, however, they impact everyone. The other cross sections of human life surround the world by alerting each other like a domino effect. In other words, life consists of numerous phenomena, events, and happenings and we have a 'rich' life. Furthermore, if we remember the metaphor that the world is spinning faster in the 21st century, it should not be considered an exaggeration.
2nd International Communication Symposium: A Dialogue between Turkish and American Scholars, has been organized to answer all these questions with its rich content and scope. All the detailed work that started months ago, made it possible for all! of us to share this richness. As already known, the İst International Communicatİon Symposium: A Dialogue between Turkish and American Scholars took place in the USA. This valuable attempt is also a sign of the upcoming one. The power of the first symposium and its contributions to the communication field have formed the substructure of the second symposium. The proceedings selected by the symposium's Scientific Committee along with the hard work of the Organization Committee have added a structure to a symposium that reflects different areas of the communication field. As İn the previous one, this symposium is fili ing a gap by providing a platform where academicians' different approaches to the rich communication field are discussed. The academic power of the symposium İs a symbol of academic relations becoming stronger each year. The symposium gathered many Turkish universities together as well. Also, the symposium has significance in developing academic relations.



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Publish Date15.03.2004
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