DOI :10.26650/B/SS26.2020.014.11   IUP :10.26650/B/SS26.2020.014.11    Full Text (PDF)

Concluding Thoughts

Throughout this edited volume it is clear that the pre-trial stage of the criminal process remains as a vital component, but one that is not without issue in any of the jurisdictions explored in this book. Thus, those looking at the title of this book would be quite within their rights to assume that we had set ourselves an impossible task. However, the aim of this edited book was not to find the best existing pre-trial system of justice, but rather to bring together analyses of various jurisdictions together, in order to allow readers to make informed comparisons of them, in pursuit of an ideal model of the pre-trial stage of the criminal process. To that end, this edited collection examined the pre-trial procedure in a number of different jurisdictions throughout Europe. Within the scope of these jurisdictions, the book highlights the various facets of the pre-trial stage, including the thresholds required for arrest, the limits to the investigation and the decision to charge and, perhaps most fundamentally, the authors critically explore the safeguards that exist throughout this process in their respective jurisdictions; including both the rights of the suspect, as well as the impact of the statements made during the investigative stage in respect of their jurisdictions.  



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