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Health Education in Children

Hikmet Gülşah TanyıldızZeynep Karakaş

Protecting a child’s health before being sick is much more important than regaining it after being sick. For this purpose, the first topics to be addressed should be nutrition, hygiene, self-care, sleep, physical activity, psychology and social relations. These needs are met first under the supervision of her/his family and then her/his teacher. Health education should not only aim to meet their self-care needs, but also to protect their individual rights and ensure their personal safety. In addition, a child must learn to express when they are exposed to behaviors that they do not want. Teachers play a huge role in the psychosocial development of a child both in the preschool and school-age period. They are with their teachers for almost half of their days and nearly the whole week. That’s why the task of teachers is as important as that of parents in the child’s health education. Health education in children includes not only the education of the child, but also the education of the family and teachers who take care of them.

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