Lectures on Economic Development

DOI :10.26650/AB/SS10.2022.093   
AuthorJonh H. HabakkukAlfred SauvyPasquale SaracenoHal B. LaryRagnar Nurkse

The Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University and the Faculty of Economics of İstanbul University, in cooperation with the Rockefeller Foundation, organized a series of lectures on problems of economic development which were delivered in Spring 1957 by distinguished economists from various countries.
The topics of the lectures and seminars were left to the discretion of the lecturers. Since they were not on touch with each other, the readers should not look for a strong logical continuation among the lectures, nor a full coverage of the subject of economic development.
One lecturer was not able to come, and the texts of the lectures of another could not be included in this book for reasons beyond our control.
The lectures created a live interest and discussion in academic as well as government and business circles of Turkey which has been facing all kinds of problems of a rapid economic development.
In presenting these lectures to a wider public both Faculties vvould like to express their gratitute to the contributing lecturers and to the Rockefeller Foundation for its generous grant without which this project could not have been realized.



PublisherIstanbul University Press
Publish Date15.08.1958
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