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The Impact of Pandemic on Competencies and Innovations in Education

Silvia Matúšová

The paper aims to reflect on lessons learned from online education during the pandemic and focus on selected aspects of online education. Teaching and learning in online conditions became a challenge for educators and learners at universities. The adaptation and betterment of online education is a challenge to the contemporary theory and practice of education at universities. Online education has set up several new issues in sense of educational procedures and practices in the online environment, the formulation of educational goals, information design of curriculum and its delivery, and the use of relevant principles of psychology and theory of education. The acquisition and command of digital competencies in the learning of learners are substantial for the employability of university graduates, as emerging professions are going to be based on digitization. The upskilling in digital competencies and innovations in curriculum delivery have become ultimate challenges in the professional development and personal growth of university educators.


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