Problems of Turkey's Economic Development

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This book is a collective work of our Faculty staff. Following the suggestions put forth by Prof. Dr. Safari F. Ülgener, director of our institute, I arranged between 18-29 May 1970 a conference series entitled Problems of Turkey’s Economic Development requesting the contribution of all the Faculty members. The interest shown by both Faculty members and the outside circles was an indication of the success of the conference. This interest prompted me to enlarge and develop the conference into this present book. In one and a half years which elapsed till the publication of this book, however, a lot of major economic events took place. To çite, on the 10™ of August 1970, the devaluation of the Turkish Lira was finally affected. On November the 23iL, 1970 Brussels meeting, the final conditions of the transition peıicd were set and it was decided that Turkey would enter the transition period by 1971. The new government which was formed after March 12 ths 1971 Military Memorandum, fan the other hand, formulated an entirely new economic policy and set a to realize several rai economic and social reforms. Since we had approached. the end of the Second Five Year Plan Period, preparations for the third plan were also started. Still, further government and economic policy changes have taken place more recently. It was not possible to integrate these new developments into some of the articles presented in this book. But. since in the articles presented. Tur Key’s development problems are generally treated from a broad perspective, I believe that faüure to mention some of the most recent events would not impair the value of this volüme.
After the publication of this first volüme which covers Turkey’s major development questions, we hope to publish further rolüme s dealing with other aspects and other specific problems of Turkey’s economic development. The publication of the new volumes and their success will depend, as in the case of this volüme, on the efforts and cooperation of our Faculty staff.



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