DOI :10.26650/B/SS10.2020.016.04   IUP :10.26650/B/SS10.2020.016.04    Full Text (PDF)

Uncertainty in Tourism and Deglobalization Caused by Covid-19: Reconstructing the Industry With Opportunities

Merve AydoganSevinç Göktepe

COVID-19 pandemic can be claimed as a disaster causing uncertainty worldwide in a hyper connected globalized world. COVID-19 created great risks with its unpredictable effects on economies and global tourism industry. It is widely accepted that global economy and tourism will never be the same as before. However, COVID-19 crisis also triggers questioning existing systems and leads to reconsider new tourism approaches. Although tourism is seen resilient to such crises, an evolution is expected in the long term. As globalization concept evolves in a more digital world, it is also criticized and deglobalization starts to get more attention (even temporarily) to re-boost local economies. Tourism systems also need to evaluate in these paradigms to keep up with the global trends. Turkey having lots of tourism sources is considered to have great potential to be one of the pioneering countries to reconstruct tourism within a sustainable way. This is seen as a significant opportunity to support rebalancing other sectors and economy in the country. The purpose of this study is to highlight the relationship among tourism, deglobalization and COVID-19. By doing so, it is suggested that while shaping emerging discussions about uncertainty, reconstructing tourism in a sustainable manner in the deglobalization process should not be ignored.



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