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The Un as a Legitimate and Legitimizing Agent and Its Conflict Resolution Role

Muharrem Hilmi Özev

The victors of WW II established the UN on principles such as protecting future generations from the scourge of war,1 protecting human rights and the integrity of international law, providing social progress and better living conditions.2 The idea of a universal and effective organization that would ensure peace and the integrity of international law, and prevent the recurrence of massacres, genocides, and tragedies further strengthened during World War II. Considering the failure of the League of Nations, the founders of the UN identified more modest goals and more acceptable principles, such as permanent membership and veto power in the Security Council, and putting restraints on authority to prevent them from interfering in domestic affairs. The UNSC was formed under these principles.

Today, the structure of the UN reflects the balance of power that emerged at the end of the Second World War. Now, the victors of that period are trying to preserve their roles and privileges in the international system. 


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