The United Nations Organization and Organization of American States

DOI :10.26650/AB/SS30.2022.058   
AuthorRobert R. Wilson

The material here presented consists of lectures given in a course at the University of İstanbul during the fall semester of the academic year 1951, 1952. The author is indebted to the United States Department of State and the United States Educational Commission in Turkey for a Fulbright grant making it possible for him to be a visiting professor at the University. The Rector of İstanbul University, the Dean of the Law School, the holder of the Chair of Public International Law, and other members of the Law School teaching staff have through their unfailing courtesy made it possible to fill the assignment under most pleasant conditions. The students who were members of the course have, through their consideration and cooperation, facilitated the work.
The limitations of a course comprising only two hours a week for the presentation of both the original text and the translation have necessitated çare full selection of topics and much condensation in the discussion of those selected. Throughout the discussions, some emphasis has been given to positions taken, in various situations relating to planning for or the work of International public organizations, by Turkey and by the United States.
To Mr. İskender Taner, who has translated the material from English into Turkish, presented the Turkish translation in class, and prepared the manuscript in Turkish for the printer, and to Dr. Hamıa Eroğlu, assistant in the course, the author expresses his very sincere and special appreciation.

SubjectsPolitical Science


PublisherIstanbul University Press
Publish Date15.05.1952
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