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Big Data Governance

Malgorzata Pankowska

Information processing in a traditional way focuses on relatively stable structured data, repeatable processes as well as on operations in Business Intelligence systems. However, nowadays more and more popular, big data, defined as huge volumes of data available in varying degrees of complexity, generated at different velocities, and varying degrees of ambiguity, cannot be processed using traditional methods and technologies. Some people argue that suitable IT (Information Technology) infrastructure for big data processing is not yet widely developed nor implemented to discuss the big data architecture implementation benefits, risks, and opportunities. Nevertheless, this paper is to present the big data governance issues. Particularly, within the proposed theme, the author discusses the big data system architecture and development strategy. The last part of the paper includes a proposal of a big data architecture model as well as a design of balanced scorecard objectives and measures specification to support the big data governance at public services business organizations. As usual, there are two main research methods, i.e., literature review and the analysis of case studies. The first provides an overview of the existing knowledge and the second permits for contextualization of the proposed models. Beyond that, the paper includes definitions of the key concepts and enables to extend the knowledge base in the research area.


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