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Privacy for Enterprises in the Data Age

Bilgin MetinEnes YılmazErdi Şekerciler

The world we live in is now becoming increasingly virtual. We all interact with this new age which we can describe as the digital age. We shop online, we communicate with people via social media, we are informed at any time through the devices that are in our hands about goings-on, whether we like it or not, we have become a part of this globalized and digitalized world. Data can be described as the structure of the digitalized world. In each interaction between us and the tools which we use, we create data or we cause data transferring or we can be a small part of a large data collection because of our presence in a platform on the internet. Certainly, this close relationship can reveal our private life in some situations. Most of the time, we are exposed to situations where our private information is collected, used, and processed without our permission. Sometimes we cannot even notice the violation of one of the most fundamental rights and freedoms we can define as privacy. This literature survey study is based on the fundamentals of information security, and it seeks answers to these questions: Why does our personal information need protection? What kind of information should be protected? What is the situation regarding the data privacy in Turkish and world law? What kind of laws have been passed upon the privacy of tax from past to today? What are the perspectives, opinions on protection of personal data in Turkey and Europe? What is the importance of data privacy for the business sectors? We also believe that this study will raise awareness on this matter.


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