İU Faculty of Communication's New Academic Journal 4. BOYUT Calls for Your Studies for Its First Issue

The content of the 4. BOYUT, which was published as an actual journal between 1990-1998 within the Faculty of Communication of İstanbul University, was changed and turned into a peer-reviewed scientific journal. The new name of the journal is the 4. BOYUT Journal of Media and Cultural Studies. 4. BOYUT, which will be published electronically twice a year (April and October), will feature scientific studies in the fields of media and culture. Although the language of publication is Turkish, it will also include articles in English, and the journal to be published online will include all kinds of original academic studies in the field of cultural studies, such as 'Research Article, Review Article, Evaluation, Translation, Interview, Opinion and Book Criticism'.

Our journal aims to publish on the field of cultural studies and to include new perspectives. To realize this purpose, the journal is open to interdisciplinary studies within the scope of cultural studies developed within media and communication studies, and it is open to anthropology, literature, art, sociology, history, political science, linguistics, philosophy, psychology, etc. accepts academic studies in almost all fields of social sciences.

In this context, it is a peer-reviewed journal published free of charge and open access, aiming to make original, qualified, and scientific contributions on a separate theme for each issue in the field of cultural studies. Social, political, economic, technological etc. since cultural factors underlie all important problems, 4. BOYUT aims to ensure that media and culture can be considered together with other fields.

Cultural studies started to create academic knowledge from the second half of the 20th century and turned into an interdisciplinary field. Expanding the borders of culture related to fine arts and literature is accepted as the most important contribution of the field to human and social studies. In particular, the approach of media and cultural theorist R. Williams in his work Culture (1993), which corresponds culture to a whole lifestyle, constitutes one of the most prominent building blocks of this expansion. 4. BOYUT will also follow this theme in media and cultural studies. It is expected that this perspective will form an important intellectual and academic basis in determining the problems in social, cultural, economic, and political processes and finding solutions in Turkey.

In today's advanced levels of technological developments, Social Sciences need more and more studies in this interdisciplinary field in terms of conceptual, theoretical, and methodological aspects, especially to better understand the relationship between human and technology. Therefore, it is important to focus on this field to better understand the transformative factors on people and societies, from today's digital media to environmental and climatic factors. With the accumulation of cultural studies, especially the media, technologies, etc. it will be possible to understand the structure that shapes and affects the society.

In this context, 4. BOYUT devoted its first issue to the theme of “Cultural Processes”. For this purpose, enculturation; acculturation; diffusion; culturation; culture shock; culture lag; assimilation; integration; trans-culturation etc. it awaits research/review articles on new problems, limits, and expectations in cultural processes.

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