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Yunus Emre Bibliography (1991-2021)

Gökhan CoşgunMetin Yıldırım

While hundreds of scientific and artistic studies have been undertaken about Yunus Emre, one of the most important figures of Turkish culture and literature, only a few bibliographic studies have been chosen to compile these studies. Moreover, some of the studies are quite narrow in scope. There has been a rapid increase in the literature about Yunus Emre since the first comprehensive bibliographic study covering the period up to 1991. However, it remains a major shortcoming in the field that a comprehensive bibliography study has not been conducted. In this paper, which was written on the occasion of Yunus Emre Year, the author aimed to make a bibliographical master-text of the literature about Yunus Emre from 1991 to 2021. The bibliographic tags of the books, theses, articles, symposiums, and papers published between these years are given.

DOI :10.26650/di.2021.32.988224   IUP :10.26650/di.2021.32.988224    Full Text (PDF)

Yunus Emre Bibliyografyası (1991-2021)

Gökhan CoşgunMetin Yıldırım

Türk kültür ve edebiyatının en önemli şahsiyetlerden biri olan Yunus Emre hakkında günümüze kadar yüzlerce bilimsel ve sanatsal çalışma yapılmışken bu çalışmaları denetleyen yalnızca birkaç bibliyografya çalışması yapılmıştır. Üstelik bu çalışmalardan bazıları oldukça dar kapsamlıdır. 1991 yılına kadarki dönemi içine alan ilk kapsamlı bibliyografya çalışmasından bu yana Yunus Emre literatüründeki hızlı artışa rağmen kapsamlı bir bibliyografya çalışmasının yapılmamış olması büyük bir eksikliktir. Yunus Emre Yılı münasebetiyle yapılan bu çalışmada 1991-2021 yılları arasında Yunus Emre hakkında ortaya konan literatürün bibliyografik tespit ve tasnifini yapmak hedeflenmiştir. Bu yıllar arasında çıkan kitap, tez, makale, sempozyum ve bildirilerin bibliyografik künyeleri verilmiştir.


Researchers who plan to make academic and scientific studies must first review the works that have been previously published on their subject and examine the opinions already put forward. There is a risk that a work undertaken without preliminary research will turn out to be unoriginal. For this reason, one of the first and most important stages of academic research is the need to make a “bibliographical search” on the subject to be examined.

The importance of bibliographies in scientific studies is obvious, as are their benefits in helping researchers reduce time and effort. Therefore, the number of bibliographic studies has increased in many scientific disciplines in recent years, and bibliography itself has become an independent field of study.

The rapid increase in publications in the fields of science, culture, and literature can cause researchers to be unaware of all the existing sources and have difficulty in following the developments in the field. Especially in the field of literature research, the number of experts has increased considerably in recent years; this is simultaneous with the number of universities that have grown. The rich diversity of the channels in which the research works of these experts can be published make bibliographic studies that will provide easily accessible information on any subject an indispensable necessity.

Birth or death anniversaries of great intellectuals and artists, writers, and poets born and raised in our nation provide important opportunities for researchers to bring their work to the forefront again and for bibliographical studies to be done on them. New researches, works, organized panels, symposia, and exhibitions of the works of these individuals allow them to be viewed and considered from new and different perspectives. In recent years, bibliographies prepared to gather the publications about these important people are gaining more and more importance.

Yunus Emre (1240–1321) is one of the greatest poets of Turkish literature. Emre has been the subject of a great deal of research and many investigations due to the place he has held for centuries in the hearts of the people who grew up in the circle of Turkish-Islamic civilization, as well as in academic circles. Many studies and activities were published on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of Yunus Emre’s death in 2021, and many continue to be done. The purpose of this bibliographic study is to contribute to the studies already conducted on Yunus Emre, an overview of the full body of work about Emre, a considerable literature that has been created by many academicians and researchers. Until now, only limited bibliographic studies have been made about Yunus Emre, each for different, specific, and limited purposes. However, as time passed, these bibliographies became increasingly less useful while the number of studies on Yunus Emre increased. In the end, the need for a new, comprehensive bibliographic study became clear. 

Mustafa Tatcı made the first comprehensive bibliographic study on Yunus Emre in 1988. This study, which has 1425 bibliographic tags, added 130 more to its enlarged second edition in 1991. Thus, the tag of the studies on Yunus Emre until 1991 had reached 1,555 items. In the 30-year period from then until today, only a few narrowly-scoped bibliographic studies have been made on the subject. Therefore, we limited our study to the years 1991–2021. Since 1991, a considerable number of articles, papers, theses, books, etc., about Yunus Emre have been published. The interest of the science and art community in the poet has clearly increased considerably, especially since the 2000s. The number of books, theses, articles, and papers in our study exceeded 2000. Considered together with the publications from 1991, this study will be a holistic reference source for literature on Yunus Emre.

The possibilities of technology should be used effectively for bibliographic studies as well as in other scientific fields. In addition to doing bibliographic studies in the classical sense in many scientific disciplines, the number of electronic bibliographies that can be constantly updated is increasing day by day. This increase is especially notable in public institutions and organizations, universities, institutes, etc. By using the opportunities they offer in this area, they provide more effective service to the researchers at this point.

The ultimate goal of this study is to bring together the tags of the accumulated intellectual work about Yunus Emre in an organized manner and to put it at the disposal of researchers. In this respect, as the second pillar of our work, we have made available all the bibliographic tags that we have identified digitally on a website called “,” which we have prepared in an online digital environment. Thus, any deficiencies that we may have missed during the compilation will eventually be completed. The information continues to be updated by uploading the tags of the studies added to the literature over time. Studies on Yunus Emre will gain efficiency and urgency with the creation of this bibliographic information access service.  

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Coşgun, Gökhan - Yıldırım, Metin. Yunus Emre Bibliography (1991-2021)”. darulfunun ilahiyat 32/1 (Jun. 2022): 149-299.


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