"100th Anniversary of the Republic" Special Issue

Dear readers,

A special issue with the theme "100th Anniversary of the Republic" will be published due to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Türkiye, in addition to the December 2023 issue of the Istanbul University Faculty of Letters Journal of Turkish Language and Literature. We look forward to your research articles and reviews on the subject of the "100th Anniversary of the Republic" in this special issue until October 1, 2023.

Subject subheadings;

Modern Turkish Literature

-Political, social and literary developments that prepared the Turkish literature of the Republican era

-The reflection of the change in Türkiye on literature

-Developments in poetry and prose genres

-Literary societies, movements and movements

-Canon attempts

-Literary discussions

-Methods used in literary studies

-The issue of periodization in the history of literature, alternative and complementary suggestions

-The names and works that are thought to be overshadowed when taken into account yesterday and today

-Periodicals and literature

-Literature and other fine arts

-Relationship between classical literature, folk literature and modern literature in the Republican period

- Overview of rhetoric in the context of Rhetoric and Linguistics

Classical Turkish Literature

- Overview of classical literature studies in the Republican period

- Past, present and future of Old-New discussions

- A look at classical literary products in the Republican period in the context of change and transformation

Turkish Folk Literature

- Minstrels / minstrel literature in explaining the innovations of the republican period

- Folklore studies in Republic of Türkiye

-The influence of folklore in the Turkish literature of the Republican era

Old Turkic

The stage reached by the historiography of the Turkish language in the Republican era

-General situation of studies on Turkish language before Islam

-The place of works of Old and Middle Turkish period in the language ideology of the Republic

-The effect of Old and Middle Turkish works on the formation of new names and surnames

-The way of approaching Köktürk inscriptions in Turkish language and literature curricula

-The issue of teaching Old and Middle Turkish works to secondary school youth

-Debates on the scope and dating of the Old and Middle Turkish periods

-The vocabulary of Old and Middle Turkish works and the pure Turkish movement

-The place of Old and Middle Turkish works in the publication policy of the Turkish Language Institution

-Method and approach in studies on Old and Middle Turkish in universities

-Old Turkish and New Media: How should historical Turkish be explained to today's people?

-New evaluations of Old Turkish, Middle Turkish and New Turkish concepts

- Expertise, original data, method and analysis problems in etymology dictionaries

-New data, original information and comparative analysis in studies on Old and Middle Turkish

-The current state of field research in the field of Old Turkic language

- The level reached in research on Chagatai Turkish

-Modern linguistic methods in Old and Middle Turkish studies

Modern Turkish

-The situation of Turkish in the centennial of the Republic

-Language studies in the republican era

-The development of language in different fields after the Republic:

-Print language

-Political language

-Literary language (The course of Turkish in the fields of novel, story, poem, essay, theater, cinema etc.)

-Language-politics relationship

-The century-long course of Turkish as the language of education, science and philosophy

-The relationship of Turkish with world languages

-Turkish language and literature researches as a field of science

-Dialect, dialect and dialect studies

-Private languages, slang


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