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Evaluation of the cittaslow potential aettlements: Demre (Antalya) case study

Merve Zayım

The settlement has been one of the most basic needs of human beings since the oldest periods of history. Mankind, which started to organize in a social sense with the settlement, gives importance to the fact of settlement as it did yesterday. The cities, which emerged as people started to live together and gradually create artificial spaces, started to lose their unique style with the effect of increasing population and industry. These systems, which are mostly intended to only accommodate the crowds, rather than the comfort of people, have led people to search for new ones. The “Slow” movement, which has emerged in Europe in recent years, is increasingly spreading all over the world. This movement, which emerged primarily in the food sector, has started to be applied to cities due to reasons such as the fact that cities are no longer human-oriented and that many cultural areas cannot be preserved in a globalized order. Indeed, having the most beautiful examples in Turkey Cittaslow Movement, has been a branding tool for cities. Developing within the Slow Movement, the Cittaslow encompasses all spatial arrangements as well as all human activities as philosophy. If the settlements selected as “Cittaslow” according to certain criteria can use their potential to the right extent and continue to do so, they can be branded as more livable cities both economically and socially. Demre, which is our field of study, has great potential in this regard due to its natural and cultural characteristics. It is a fact that this system, which can have positive effects in terms of local development, will have different economic income for local people as well. These cities, where local and local identity come to the forefront, maintain their ability to transfer the material and spiritual cultural characteristics and dynamics possessed from generations to generations as they continue to adhere to certain criteria. The main source of livelihood of the people of Demre is agriculture and the decrease of these agricultural lands is an important problem for the region. By evaluating many other potentials in this respect, it will be able to make itself heard with steps that can be taken both in terms of economic sustainability and branding. The main purpose of our study is to evaluate Demre’s current potential with correct and confident steps and to draw attention to its planned and programmed functionality. As a matter of fact, the fact that it follows this development in terms of its capacity and potential will be important in terms of maintaining its material and moral values and ensuring its sustainability. It is aimed to evaluate the conformity of Demre with the Cittaslow criteria and to make contact with the necessary institutions and organizations in order to make this application. Researches and studies have shown that this potential is present but that its growth in a wrong and abrasive way will be extremely destructive. In our study, it is of utmost importance for Demre to develop and progress positively and to use its current potential correctly and in a planned manner. It should be noted that any inaccuracies and superficial planning can be irreversible. 

Anahtar Kelimeler: SettlementCittaslowSustainabilityDemre.



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