DOI :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.084   IUP :10.26650/PB/PS12.2019.002.084    Tam Metin (PDF)

The impact of climate change on agriculture in Turkey and farmers’ ttitudes to climate change

Nuray ÇaltıMehmet Somuncu

Changes in climate, heat waves, extreme weather and climate events such as floods and droughts, and increases in disasters disrupt the stability of food supply. The human-induced climate change is an accepted major environmental disaster at a rate of %99 by IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). It also influences the agriculture in Turkey largely in a negative way. Because agriculture is directly and indirectly affected by rain, temperature, meteorological and hydrological drought. The fact that countries in the Mediterranean basin that include Turkey as well will be severely affected by climate change has been proven by scientific data. To understand the effects of climate change on agriculture, Polatlı and Beypazarı districts of Ankara province were chosen as research areas. Quantitative secondary data and interview technique were used in the study. Interviews have been carried out firstly with farmers and then scientist and manager. Farmers selected to represent the districts are aware of climate change. In 2019, they associate with the climate change to the magnitude of frequently taking place flood and hail events. Another relationship was made with the yield of their agricultural production. Product pattern in agricultural activities and applied agricultural methods in Beypazarı district vary according to Polatlı district. In this district, the effects of climate change are also felt in agricultural activities and farmers are aware of this effect, on the other hand, the use of agricultural methods such as undergrowth and good farming methods in the district of Beypazarı, where vegetable and fruit farming is concentrated, are practices that can reduce the risks arising from climate change. In this study in which Polatlı and Beypazarı districts were examined, it was concluded that adaptation studies are important to reduce the negative effects of climate change on agriculture and that all stakeholders should work together to realize this.



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