A Collaboration of Theory and Practice Symposium

Communication in the 21st Century

February 24-26, 2003
DOI :10.26650/APB/SS07.2022.048   

We welcomed a new era, a new century. Time passes by rather quickly compared to the past. Even the minimal unit of time could contain an incredible amount of events and stories. Therefore, there is a different meaning and function assigned to the 21 st century. Now life has turned to be something having more dilemmas and more unknown elements in its formula. But, the great scope of knowledge and technology is consuming these unknown elements in the life’s formula one by one. Yet, this brings a denser mystery. The claims of the concept “We know a lot” go together with “We know nothing”. The things started to be known recently or found out in this new era are creating such a big gap that it causes the next step to turn into an ocean of unknown Information. This ocean is a search for the passes among the mysteries and when there is a passage, the mysteries are bounded thus the problem is solved. Suddenly, there appear the other pieces and wholly different pieces of the new unknown in the form of units, islands, and lands. Then, the real irony, the core dilemma or main opposition appears. The struggle between the known and unknown as well the , as the known and recently learned goes further. They all go along with little fights gradual The century we live in, describes the situation more for the members of the communication world. Communication gained a more linear perspective hasn’t been thought before not only in its individual but also in the common and institutional sense. Communication is one of the driving sources in the development of humankind. Technological revolution, initiations, discoveries, and inventions demonstrated high power through communication. The penetration of the output, the product into the personal space and the society, its effect, and consequences are faster than it is expected. Now that the multidimensions and the depth of today’s communication have affected life's dynamics more than the mind's imagination. That’s why today’s structural change makes it more meaningful for communication people. İn that respect, the ones in the communication field had more responsibilities not only at the national level but also from the international perspective.
The symposium titled “Communication in the 21 st Century" and “Turkish Film Festival & Conference” as well as the “Students’ Film Festival” that took place at Arizona State University is an examples of its kind. The activities realized through the coordination of our Faculty and the Turkish Student Association at Arizona State University (TUSA@ASU) were a combination of a meaningful cooperation and devotion process in which individuals and institutions had a dense degree of exchange of Information. This exchange and sharing paved the way for new excitements and projects. I hope that The Turkey Journal of Communication which is the output of that journey would be a helpful guide to the readers. İt is not just limited to a püre academic work but also has the scent of the multidisciplinary, multicultural perspectives it aimed. The organization of the Turkish Film Festival, screening the Turkish films in an American setting and discussing them each was also a contribution to the cultural perspectives and helped the dissemination of the cultural values.
My sincere thanks to all who had an input and who had made this symposium possible.

Ph. D. Suat Gezgin Dean İstanbul University Faculty of Communications



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