DOI :10.26650/PB/SS46PS01.2022.001.005   IUP :10.26650/PB/SS46PS01.2022.001.005    Tam Metin (PDF)

Public Procurements in the Space Economy: Space Procurements

Yeliz Neslihan Akın

Within the scope of the space economy, which expresses a process economy, space activities are carried out on a global scale. Some criteria such as the number, quality, outputs of space activities, the importance given to these activities, financial resources, and time present a picture of States experiencing different processes in the field of the space economy. For this reason, there is no uniform financial and legal picture for each State. However, there is a certainty that space activities are gaining speed day by day, and this situation brings with it researches on the space economy. Parallel to this, an area of space law emerges in which the space economy forms its infrastructure. Space procurements take a central place in an examination of the space economy. Within the scope of space activities, it can be clearly determined that space procurements are at the centre of the space economy in the examples of NASA and ESA. Because ESA and NASA spend almost all of the budget allocated to space activities with space procurements. Turkiye’s space activities have gained momentum in recent years in the space economy process. In this context, at this point where the space economy process needs the most in the current situation, in terms of these activities, for a Turkish space strategy/policy to be formed under the leadership of the TSA, which is tasked and authorized, it has become very important to present the concrete situation with sample applications and to develop proposals for space procurements.



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