DOI :10.26650/B/SS46.2020.006.06   IUP :10.26650/B/SS46.2020.006.06    Tam Metin (PDF)

The Effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic On Social Policies

Sayım Yorgun

The pandemic is spreading very fast, and countries are being caught unprepared. This phenomenon will lead to an increase in some social problems. Turkey has achieved better results than expected especially in the health field because of their health infrastructure and ability to solve a crisis. However, there will be problems in the coming years due to the deficits in the field of social security. Although unemployment insurance and short-time benefit allowances have been changed, the impact of the solution on the problems will not be the same as expected. Therefore, there is a need for regulations that will extend the enjoyment of these rights. Basic income will be an essential social policy tool that needs to be implemented in the coming months and years. Reducing problems and strengthening Turkey’s social bond are possible through sustainable social policies based on social dialog, focusing on proactive regulations, and ensuring harmony between short and long-term goals.



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