DOI :10.26650/B/SS46.2020.006.9   IUP :10.26650/B/SS46.2020.006.9    Tam Metin (PDF)

Working Life After the Covid-19 Pandemic: Current Issues, Predictions, and Suggestions

Umut Omay

The exponential growth of COVID-19 cases has created a shared understanding that humanity is witnessing the eve of an age of transformation. Due to such remarkable and comprehensive changes, working life, which was in a state of transformation before the pandemic started due to temporary employment relations and precarity, will most likely change also. For this reason, it is now necessary to consider the future of work arising from the effects of the pandemic starting with two possible scenarios: 1) The pandemic, as a catalyst, may accelerate the current transformation of working life; or, 2) The pandemic may have positive or negative significant effects for the future of work. Of course, the extent of the transformation that will result from the pandemic, as well as the actions taken by each specific State, will be the main features that will determine the results of the pandemic on the pandemic on working life.



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