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A Comprehensive Review on Microplastic Pollution in Aquatic Ecosystems and Their Effects on Aquatic Biota

Duygu SazlıDanial NassouhiMehmet Borga ErgönülSibel Atasağun

Plastic wastes released into the environment break down into fine particles due to exposure to meteorological events such as wind, precipitation, UV radiation, and abrasion. These smaller plastic particles, ranging between 1 µm and 5 mm, are called microplastics and they can be transported over longer distances with the aid of erosion, waste water discharges, winds, and currents. Aquatic habitats are the final sink for many pollutants including heavy metals, pesticides, nanoparticles, and microplastics released into environment. Thus, these pollutants are considered a major threat to aquatic life. In this study, we reviewed studies i: focusing on the type, size and the quantity of microplastics observed in freshwater and marine ecosystems, and ii: studies on the effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms. The data gathered clearly indicates that microplastics are quite abundant in freshwater and marine ecosystems. Furthermore, nearly in all studies reviewed, microplastic uptake and alterations in several biochemical parameters depending on microplastic exposure are recorded. The studies also point out that microplastics will become a global serious health concern both for human beings and aquatic organisms in the near future. 

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