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Importance of bicycle paths in urban transportation: the case of Bursa - Nilüfer district

Elvan Ender AltayOsman Zeybek

One of the biggest problems of developing cities is the transportation problem. With the increasing population, construction and parallel use of motor vehicles, many problems arise. The problems caused by traffic, especially air and noise pollution, adversely affect both human health and urban life. In order to reduce these urban problems and prevent new problems, bicycle transportation can be considered as the most important solution of urban transportation problems by seeking a healthy, safe, economical, environmentally friendly and accessible type of transportation. In this study, the importance of bicycle paths which are evaluated within the scope of open spaces and components of physical life quality of cities, is emphasized. The research was carried out in the urban development area of Bursa Nilüfer district. In the study, the design criteria of the bicycle paths were examined and the intersection points, road widths, slopes, physical conditions (surface, drainage, lighting), aesthetic properties and problems of usage limitations were evaluated within the scope of the research area. According to the findings obtained from the criteria evaluated within the scope of the research, the biggest problem is the lack of continuity / connection of bicycle paths. This problem, which is also important in terms of security, should be planned by supporting with signs and directions. In the research area, the bicycle transport network consists of short and cut routes, and if all the routes are connected, it is possible to talk about the bicycle transport network throughout the city.


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