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Supply Chain Management: Challenges and Solutions

Burcu Adıgüzel MercangözFarheen NazArvind Upadhyay

A supply chain is a network that businesses use to manufacture and distribute goods and services. This system begins with the raw material and ends with the final product or service delivery to the customers. The supply chain comprises suppliers, manufacturers, freight forwarders, warehouses, distributors, and retailers, facilitating the worldwide movement of information and resources. Recently there has been a challenging era in the world in terms of supply chain due to reasons such as the global epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine War. Product supply sources, and product and transportation routes are undergoing profound changes. At this point, the latest developments and regulations regarding the environment and climate also come to the fore. In countries, where production inputs are dependent on imports, supply chain difficulties and management become more important for production, employment and exports. Countries and companies need to plan a strategy for these developments, and current plans must be updated according to the latest developments. This chapter explores the contemporary supply chain management challenges and how to address them. In this way, it is aimed to provide a road map for strategic plans of countries and companies. The main headings will arrange the chapter as supply chain management, supply chain challenges, and how to overcome supply chain challenges. After defining the supply chain management in the first section, the most critical supply chain challenges are determined and explained in the literature review section. After defining and explaining the challenges, solutions depending on the related literature and practice to help strategic decisions of countries and companies are given in the third section. As a result of the study digitalization can be seen also aa a challenge and an important solution to the challenges in the supply chain. In the new world, where everything is changing very rapidly globally, supply chains are becoming more costly, risky, and complex. Thus, traditional supply chain strategies and methods can be insufficient. The condition of successful supply chain management is to be positioned around digitalization, technology, and integration.


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