Current Approaches in Information and Records Management Technology in the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

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The concept that independence and freedom constitute fundamental prerequisites for the progress of humanity, societies, nations, and individuals is universally acknowledged as a cornerstone of shared values. The breakthroughs that took place in countries where being governed by a republic is accepted as a kind of expression of freedom, have played a crucial role in achieving significant milestones for humanity.
The Republic of Turkey, constructed upon the principles of unity and solidarity that led to the triumph of our struggle for independence, is a great work of the spirit of unity and solidarity that brought victory to our struggle for independence. Understanding the essence of the Republic and understanding the endeavours of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in establishing the Republic of Turkey is of vital importance for the future of our country.
As stated in the Tenth Anniversary Speech, the foundation of the Republic of Turkey is Turkish heroism and high Turkish culture. One of the speech’s objectives is to elevate national culture above the contemporary civilization level. The speech also underscores the importance of positive sciences and fine arts as essential tools in achieving this aim. It highlights the necessity of utilizing these methods to further cultivate our nation’s admirable character, unwavering diligence, dedication to science, appreciation for fine arts, and a sense of national unity. The Republic will show its identity more clearly in the next century, as it did in the last century, with a sense of national unity and solidarity in line with these principles, using local and national elements, being self-sufficient and even carrying out pioneering work in many fields.
For the realization of these aspirations, libraries and archives safeguard and organize all forms of information and knowledge resources, serving both our nation and the global community. Knowledge and science stand as the sole pathways to achieving our goals. The recent advancements in our country, particularly in technology, are a testament to the cumulative progress of knowledge. Societies unable to harness national knowledge fall behind in international competitions and fail to rise above the level of contemporary civilization.
As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey on October 29, 2023, noteworthy developments have occurred in Librarianship and Archiving, paralleling progress in various fields over the past century. The evolution of education, from initial courses to the current 14 departments, highlights the substantial efforts in this field. Since 2002, the merger of the Librarianship and Archiving departments into the Information and Records Management has played a pivotal role in training expert personnel for the myriad libraries and archives serving the Republic of Turkey.

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