DOI :10.26650/PB/PS01.2021.001.010   IUP :10.26650/PB/PS01.2021.001.010    Full Text (PDF)

Small Telescopes Can Also Do Great Galactic Science

Tenay Saguner RambaldiUlisse Munari

Asiago Red Clump Survey (ARCS) was an observational project carried out in between 2008-2010 with 1.22 m Asiago Galileo Telescope of University of Padova. The aim of ARCS survey was to provide accurate radial velocities, atmospheric parameters, distances and space velocities for a well selected sample of Red Clump (RC) stars, distributed along the celestial equator. A catalog of 245 RC stars, 60 of them re-observed at a second epoch, used for investigation of the structure and kinematics of Galactic disk in the Solar Neighborhood. Here we present validation of ARCS survey in the framework of Gaia DR2 to encourage and increase Galactic studies with groundbased 1 m class telescopes.


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