Nursing and Ethics

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EditorNuray TuranAyfer Aydın

Since the establishment of the Republic of Turkey is the 100th year, 2023 is of great importance for all of us. As faculty members of the Faculty of Nursing, Istanbul University, 100 of our Republic. In memory of the year “Nursing and Ethics,” we are proud to share the book with our valuable readers.
Nursing and ethics are closely linked by the nature of care actions, which are the main functions of nursing. “Nursing and Ethic” book, is written to be a book that can be used both during the undergraduate and graduate education of nursing students and in the prevention of ethical problems that our colleagues may interfere with during their professional lives and in the easier resolution of ethical problems.
“The book Nursing and Ethics” will be used in the prevention and solution of ethical problems they may face concerning human dignity, integrity, and human rights to offer and maintain nursing care, professional values, and ethical codes, codes, it contains the universal ethical principles and the basic knowledge and skills necessary to solve ethical problems.
In the book “Nursing and Ethic”, the topics of the basic departments in nursing are considered in terms of the ease of use of both nursing students and our colleagues. In the book “Introduction to Ethics, Internal Medicine Nursing and Ethics, Surgical Nursing and Ethics, Child Nursing and Ethics, Women's Health Nursing and Ethics, Psychiatric Nursing and Ethics, Education, and Ethics in Nursing, and Ethics in Nursing, A total of 10 units including Management and Ethics in Nursing, Public Health Nursing and Ethics, Research and Publication Ethics in Nursing,” and 40 departments are included in these units. The “Nursing and Ethics” book was completed with the participation of 46 authors who are experts in the field from different regions of Turkey.

SubjectsMedical Ethics, Nursing


The Nature of Nursing

Palliative Care and Ethics

Aging and Ethics

Genetics and Ethics

Emergency Surgery and Ethics

Esthetic Surgery and Ethics

Newborn and Ethi̇cs

End-of-Life Care and Ethics

Disabled Child and Ethics

Women Health and Ethics

Pregnancy-Birth Management and Ethics

Assisted Reproductive Techniques and Ethics

Sexual Health and Ethics

Psychiatry and Ethics

Forensic Issues and Ethics in Psychiatry

Patient Rights and Ethics in Psychiatry

Ethics Teaching

Nursing Management and Ethics

Ethical Leadership in Nursing

Vaccines and Ethics

Global Health Inequalities and Ethics

Health Promotion and Ethics

Triage and Ethics in Disasters

Research and Publication Ethics in Nursing


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