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The Green Economy Policy and Development: The Effects of Development on Green Economy

Aytuğ Zekeriya Bolcan

This research aims to elucidate the correlation between the Hu- man Development Index (HDI) and the intensity of green policy adoption across 38 countries, using data from the Green Economy Tracker. Through Ordinal Logistic Regression, the study found that countries with higher HDI scores tend to exhibit lower green policy intensity. Conversely, life expectancy at birth and mean years of schooling were positively associated with green policy intensity. The findings hint that developed nations might have embedded green policies into their systems or may exhibit complacency, thereby lacking urgency in adopting new policies. The study also underscores the importance of environmental education and the intertwined nature of public health and environmental sustainability. While this research provides valuable insights into the interplay between sustainability and development, it acknowledges inherent limitations such as the cross-sectional nature of data and potential subjectivity in policy implementation.


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