Transnationalization of Turkish Television Series

DOI :10.26650/B/SS18.2021.004   
EditorÖzlem ArdaPınar AslanConstanza Mujica

Television series are undoubtedly an audio-visual production space that people in every
country are eagerly following. Television series are known to have an impact in the public
sphere. These effects are discussed in various topics. Another feature of television series,
which can be examined in many dimensions in public life, is that productions are demanded
not only nationally but also in the international arena.
Television series produced in Turkey are in demand worldwide and this issue is worth
examining from a scientific point of view. Examining this issue as an export element is
another research title. In this context, this book offers an idea of the domain, reception status
and acceptance of international turkish television series in various countries.
As a foresight; television will have quite a series as well; perhaps it will change in terms
of production techniques, but it will continue to be popular as a production type.
This book aims to contribute the field that needs to be discussed at all points in media
scope and we hope to light the fuse for the international academic community

Prof. Dr. Ergün YOLCU
Head of Radio Television and Cinema Department,
Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication

SubjectsFilm, Radio, Television


PublisherIstanbul University Press
Publish Date12.07.2021
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