International Students’ Quality of Life: The Case of Istanbul University During Covid-19

DOI :10.26650/B/SS46.2022.005   
AuthorBaşak Işıl Alpar

Quality of life depends on a series of objective indicators and subjective evaluations of all the living spaces that affect human beings’ economic, social, physical, and psychological dimensions and has the potential to serve individual and social development. Ensuring satisfactory quality of life will bring about decent socio-economic conditions, such as in the conceptualization of decent work. Newly improved conditions will also bring higher quality, and policymakers and decision-makers at the institutional level have great responsibilities in this context.
This book addresses quality of life and its related issues from an interdisciplinary perspective and discusses them at a conceptual and theoretical level. The book includes classifying the quality of life indicators by considering their individual, social, economic, and organizational context. The application section examines the quality of life of international students, a fragile population group who’ve experienced various disadvantages during the COVID-19 global health crisis.
As a matter of fact, each international student provides human capital at the global level, and serves to construct an incorruptible and inexhaustible value in shaping a future that concerns all of humanity. This value will preserve its existence in all economic, social, cultural, and political fields and serve as the mortar in constructing the foundations for a better quality of life. This book has been prepared with this intention in order to address the issue of quality of life and to guide the decisions and practices regarding identifying the quality of life and problem areas of international students studying at Istanbul University in the context of COVID-19 restrictions.
I hope that this study will be beneficial to those who are interested in the subject and to all our international students.

SubjectsSocial Sciences, Interdisciplinary


PublisherIstanbul University Press
Publish Date26.09.2022
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