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Science, Art, and Nursing

Nurten Kaya

The primary purpose of living things is to maintain their life and generation. In humans, this purpose and motive have turned into a way of maintaining a healthy, happy, productive, and meaningful life over time. Philosophy, science, and art have been the most important guides for people to add meaning to their lives and to lead their lives in a meaningful way. Nursing is defined as the only health profession that deals with the healthy/ill individual as a whole with all his/her dimensions, and the science and art aspects are emphasized in all definitions. Nursing is both an art and a science. A successful caregiver cannot be without the other, and has to embody both. Mastering the powerful combination of the art and the science of nursing takes time and experience. When the art and science of nursing are applied together, it is a force to be reckoned with in healthcare. This is what makes nurses so effective and makes a positive impact on patients in their care. Every day, nurses should strive to consciously combine art and science into patient care to achieve the best possible outcomes. In this article, science and art, which are indispensable in human life, will be briefly explained and the science and art aspects of nursing will be discussed.

Keywords: Scienceartnursingprofession

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