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Audit Quality and Rotation: Perception in Turkey

Dilek KaçmazAhmet Türel

Independent auditors, who form an opinion on financial statements, increase the reliability of financial statements by minimizing the information risk. Investors, credit institutions and other users of financial statements are expected to increase the accuracy of their economic decisions by making use of these tables that are believed to be reliable. In order to achieve this aim, auditing activities must be carried out in a manner of high quality. One of the most important indicators of quality in auditing is the independence of the auditor. It is claimed that mandatory audit firm rotation is one of the indicators of independence in auditing. Past studies have reached varying conclusions regarding the impact of rotation on audit quality. In this study, it is aimed to measure the perception of the users of financial statements in Turkey about audit rotation on audit quality

JEL Classification : M42

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Kaçmaz, Dilek - Türel, Ahmet. Audit Quality and Rotation: Perception in Turkey”. Istanbul Management Journal 0/91 (Oct. 2022): 109-122.


Published Online29.12.2021


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