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The Socio-Economic Implications of Tourism Sharing Economy

Mohamed Ramadan Ragab AbdelhadyFatma Shaban Sayed Ameen

The COVID-19 pandemic has revolutionized the global economic map and the economic patterns which were anticipated to be a catalyst for the economic and developmental advancement of contemporary societies. It has consolidated the vigorous role of numerous economic connotations and systems that are considered outdated. The sharing economy is on the topmost of those economic systems as a substantial economic and social transformation. It is considered one of the historically fastest-growing trade tendencies. The study’s primary objective was to estimate the magnitude of national income generated by tourism-related sharing activities and the magnitude of sharing-based national investments. A qualitative technique was used as the research methodology in this study. A sample of 510 Egyptian tourism-sharing service providers and tourists who received tourism services in Egypt under one of the sharing economy systems participated in a mixed electronic questionnaire. The significant findings revealed that the national tourism income accomplished in 2021 through tourism sharing economy is predestined to be 1% (EGP10 billion) of Egypt’s national income, and is anticipated to increase to EGP 177 billion by 2035. 

Keywords: Sharing EconomyAirbnbUberGDPP2PEgypt

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Ragab Abdelhady, MohamedRamadan - Sayed Ameen, FatmaShaban. The Socio-Economic Implications of Tourism Sharing Economy”. Journal of Tourismology 8/2 (Jul. 2024): 351-366.


Published Online27.12.2022


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