DOI :10.26650/B/ET07.2023.004.12   IUP :10.26650/B/ET07.2023.004.12    Tam Metin (PDF)

Reflections of Changing Habits with the Digital Transformation Process in the Coronavirus Epidemic Period

Zeyneb Uylaş Aksu

There have been various transformations in social habits with the rapid development of technology. Today, the development of technology has caused a digital transformation in many areas. While digital transformation was slow in some periods, it occurred rapidly in other periods. Digital transformation has gained speed in many areas of the world, including Turkey with the coronavirus epidemic. This virus, which seriously affects the health of society, has caused the formation of a global pandemic. While societies apply various isolation methods to protect themselves from the epidemic, the continuity of economic and social life has been achieved through technology. While a limited lifestyle causes people to be deprived of their daily routines, the digital transformation in the fields of information sharing, money management, business, culture, education, and shopping has contributed to the continuation of the social life order. In this research, examples of digital transformation taking place in different areas during the global coronavirus pandemic process and its effects have been examined. These examples have been discussed under five main headings: information exchange, payment methods, shopping, culture and art, business, and school. Although digital transformation does not progress at the same pace in all areas of our lives, it has been seen that it is a strong alternative for societies to survive in sudden and unpredictable crises. It has been recommended that societies become familiar with digital transformation against possible crisis situations that may be encountered in the future and continue by integrating digital transformation into certain parts of life.



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