Rural Turkey

A New Socio-Statistical Appraisal
DOI :10.26650/AB/SS19.2022.150   
YazarBarbara HellingGeorge Helling

The Directorate General of Statistics published a booklet in 1956 upon having it translated into Turkish and written by a team of American sociologists, George and Barbara Helling, who conducted a sociological survey in Turkey with the financial assistance of the Ford Foundation.
Foreign sociologists who get in touch with Turkish social scientists and especially those specializing in urban-rural sociology indicated that they wished to get a better idea about the original version of the content of the booklet which is a perfect model of the first serious research attempt on Turkish rural sociology. At the end of the communication between the Directorate General of Statistics and the Faculty of Economics, It lias been understood that :
1 — Copies of the Turkish version of the booklet are out of print.
2 — The English version of the booklet Is kept by the Directorate General of Statistics.
3 — The authors wanted their booklet to be published in English but due to financial difficulties, the Directorate General of Statistics was unable to publish It in this language.
This situation has been discussed at the executive committee meeting of the Institute of Economics and Sociology and it was decided that the Institute shall publish the original English version of the booklet. The Directorate Genera! of Statistics, being informed of the Institute’s decision, was pleased and consequently decided to submit the booklet to the Institute with that purpose.
Since the Turkish copies of the booklet are out of print, We think that Its content will be a valuable source not only for those who wish to investigate rural phenomena (village reality) but also for Turkish scientists in general. This kind of collaboration between the Directorate General of Statistics was established thirty years ago. and the Institute of Economics and Sociology at the Faculty of Economics established twenty four years ago, will set the pattern for future working schemes. I wish to thank especially to the Directorate General of Statistics whose decision and efforts have been instrumental in bringing about this beginning. Our Faculty and Institute are also grateful to Sabahattin Alpat, Director of Publications at Die Directorate General of statistics, to Professor Z. F. Fındıkoğlu who is a member of the Institute and to Oğuz Ari, Assistant in Sociology, for their notable efforts and help In relation with this beginning.
Professor Dr. Orhan TUNA Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Director of the Institute of Economics and Sociology



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Yayın Tarihi15.08.1958
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