The Welfare of Turkish Migrant Workers

DOI :10.26650/AB/SS24.2022.012   
YazarNusret Ekin

There is no doubt that in the last twenty years the migration of Turkish workers to the foreign countries has become the most important subject in which the Turkish social scientists have got deeply interested and published many articles, books and studies in this respect.
The migration phenomenon that has come out in the last two decades of the Republican are of Turkey, has attracted an immense attention due to its accelerating effect on the social, economic and political changes our society has been undergoing. Besides, the transfer of the migrant workers’ remittances and the aspects of the matter relating to employment have made the subject to own a vital importance.
While the problems in question have been emerged from the living, and working conditions of the migrant workers, they, in the meanwhile, often, create some controversies both in the donor and host countries. Recently, the subject has began to be discussed by taking the family members into consideration, which is an outlook different from the model applied in the oil - producing Arab Countries. The reason for this new tendency observed in the related discussions is that together with the prevailing unemployment in the Westem European labor markets, the rapid increase in the number of the second and third generation of fhe migrant workers, who at the same time cause a disguised migration by the unification of the families
The new developments in the migration phenomenon, which started with the implementation of visa and later got more serious dimensions with the increasing hostility toward foreigners, today have been an important subject of discussion.
The purpose of this research is to review and evaluate the matter under the light of some institutional and legislative arrangements and try to offer some new comments.
The writer is grateful to the Research Asistant Dr. Cavide Uyargil for her efforts in the preparation of the manuscript for printing.
We hope that this evaluation by facilitating the solution of our migrant workers’ problems, would contribute to some extent to their welfare in their working and general lives both in the host countries and upon their return in Turkey.

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