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Personalized Medicine: A Solution for Today and Tomorrow

Başak DalbayrakMustafa Doğukan Metiner

Personalized medicine is a multidisciplinary area that contains several techniques to provide patients with more efficient, cheaper, and fewer side effects treatment strategies. In customized medicine, each patient is viewed individually in order to provide more specific and efficient treatment. Using liquid biopsy, pharmacogenetics, point-of-care-testing, multi-omicbased technologies, wearable technologies, organoids, and 3D printers are some of the strategies covered in this review. Omics technology is promising for data collection, and management is vital for health records to combine complete information in one single platform. 3D printer technologies give opportunities to produce multi-drug tablets with controlled and targeted drug release. Additionally, organoids are the other biomaterial approaches to mimic the tumoroid microenvironment to develop new treatment strategies. Increasing demand for personalized medicine affects the improvement scope of this technology; personalized medicine is a vital and urgent area to improve.

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